What re:Verse is all about

In re:Verse improv shows, songs are born on the spot using audience suggestions and fuse the unlikeliest genres, with samples taken from random objects and with lyrics based on everything from the day’s news headlines, automatic translation engines, complaints from hotel sites and inspirational quote blogs.

Every re:Verse concert is completely new and not even we know what we’ll perform next.

Reverse is a concert where we improvise songs  based on YOUR ideas, stories, and experiences! 

At this interactive improvised concert, we use slips of papers to collect ideas from the audience before the show (stories, song titles, favorite lines from lyrics, etc.) and ad hoc on stage as well! We use these to create songs on the spot!

Participation is, of course, entirely voluntary (and a lot of fun!) 

We interact with our audience throughout the show, so YOU can shape the songs!

Who are the people behind the laptops?

re:Verse is performed by two Budapest-based artists, Laszlo Pirisi (piano) and Szandra Szőke (vocals). Originally in Hungarian, the show is part of the repertoire by the Momentán Improv Theatre Company, Hungary’s largest and longest-running improvisational theatre troupe.